Why don’t we get along with everyone? Why some of us prefer to stay in rather than going out? Why do children become difficult at puberty? And why do women go through “mid-life crisis” at menopause? In the work environment, some of us prefer leading teams and others are happy being part of a team. Why is that? Why do some of us work best with deadlines and others need complete freedom to be at their best?

One of the many gifts of Ayurveda is a simple framework to understand ourselves and others better so we can improve our personal health and relationships.

The theories of the 5 elements and the 3 doshas, helps us understand what we are made of and how everything is interconnected: what we eat, drink, how we think, our age, activities we undertake, the seasons, time of the day etc.

Understanding this principle and applying it in our daily life is a beautiful gift to improve many aspects of our life.

This is a talk by Dr Deepika Rodrigo (B.A.M.S, Ayurvedic Doctor), my teacher and Co-founder of The Ayurvedic Clinic and Ayurveda Institute UK. Chairwoman of Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK (AAPUK). Principal Lecturer at the Ayurveda Institute UK.

Dr Deepika Rodrigo, The Ayurvedic Clinic London, The Ayurveda Centre Athens.

Read more about this Ayurvedic framework in the following article: the 5 elements fundaments of life.


Elena Beurdeley-Kuerten
Ayurvedic Consultant – DipALN, DipAMT (Ayurveda)
The Ayurveda Centre – Athens 

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