Purify the Body, Nurture the Mind

Ayurveda massage therapies help detoxify and pacify imbalances of the body and mind.

Ayurveda massage therapies are inseparable from the Ayurveda Consultation. Each therapy is personalised according to your unique constitution, and the nature, stage and root cause of your imbalance.

Following your Ayurveda consultation, the practitioner may recommend Ayurveda Massage or special therapies with medicated oils, Ayurveda pastes and poultices. Treatments may include rejuvenating abhyanga massage, pinda sweda detox therapy, healing herbal paste application and yoga or meditation exercises.

Massage Treatments


Balance Body & Mind

Abhyanga uses warm herbal oil and specific techniques on the body and head. This ancient massage technique lubricates and cleanses the body. Prevents ageing, promotes good sleep, enhances blood circulation, improves complexion and relaxes the mind.

Marma Points

Release Deep Tension

The 107 marmas are vital points where muscle, veins, arteries, nerves, lymph, tendons, bones and joints meet. Each point has its own consciousness, which co-ordinate with the mind and body. As with Acupuncture, these points correspond to internal organs and systems of the body which react to manual stimulation.

pinda sweda

Remove Your Toxins

Sweda means to “sweat”. Pinda sweda are medicinal poultice made of cooked rice and/or herb used over skin and joints to induce sweat. They break down toxins and fatty deposits and are recommended for weight loss, back and shoulder pain, body stiffness and detoxification.

Chakra balancing

Energy Healing

The Chakras are energy centres that run along the spine. There are 7 chakras, each relating to a different part of our life and being. The aim of the therapy is to release any chakra blockages and promote a free flow of energy to restore balance and a sense of wellbeing.


Anti-Inflammation Herbal Paste

Lepana is the external application of Ayurvedic medicated herbal paste on any part of the body where there is pain associated with inflammatory. Lepana is also used to pacify menopausal symptoms, balance hormones, prevent headaches and hair loss. The ingredients of the paste vary according to the nature of the imbalance.


Weight Loss Support

After a short oil massage, herbal powders are used to massage the body against the direction of the hair follicles with increased pressure. The treatment is good for cellulite, sciatica, circulation problems and indigestion.
The massage activates the nerves and increases blood flow to the impaired parts of the body.


Alleviate Physical & Emotional Pain

Vasti aim at relaxing vata disorders. Urovasti for asthma, respiratory problems, emotional pain and Kativasti for back pain and spinal disorders. Warm medicated oil is poured over the problematic area and retained inside a herbal paste boundary for 45 minutes. The healing properties of the oil enriches the blood, promotes strong muscle and connective tissues and emotional release.

Other Treatments


Healing from Within

Herbal remedies may be prescribed on the basis of their attributes or properties. Herbs give subtle nutrition and stimulation to the deeper tissues and organs; foods deal with the grosser nutrition.


Body, Mind & Soul Alignment

Yoga as therapy utilises gentle poses, slow movements, breathing techniques, and meditation to benefit and improve overall health and more specific conditions.


Quieten the Mind

Train your mind to become still through breath observation, mantra chanting and other meditation techniques to regain power over your thoughts and actions.

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