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To fully benefit from Ayurveda, it is essential to read or hear the teachings, introspect and apply them practically into our daily life.

“One who desires a long life in order to attain virtue, wealth, and happiness should very respectfully apply oneself to the teachings of ayurveda.” AH Sū 1.2

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apple tart healthy cooked ayurveda

Tarte aux Pommes

Here’s the simplest tarte aux pommes or French apple tart, with a dash of spices and butter to make it suitable for winter and vata

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ayurveda masala chai


Ayurveda Masala Chai tea is a healthy alternative for those trying to give up coffee or black tea. This warm and sweet drink enhances digestion,

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bread yeast free soda bread ayurveda

Soda Bread Recipe

Processed yeast used in most bakery and supermarket breads tends to to make bread rise faster than traditional sourdough process, but causes digestion problems and

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