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covid-19 ayurveda

Doctors at The Ayurvedic Clinic in London have shared natural preventive measures for viral infections such as COVID-19.

Dr Deepika Rodrigo (B.A.M.S), Dr Wathsala Wijesinghe (B.A.M.S, MSc, M.D.) and their team have put together a thorough prevention protocole for viral infections such as COVID-19. Here below are the links to the preventive measures using simple kitchen ingredients.

The principles used to formulate theses natural recommendations, are those exposed in ancient Ayurvedic textbooks that support the idea that the body has innate ability to balance and heal itself provided we give it the right foods.

In addition, The Ayurvedic Clinic have share a treatment protocol that has been successfully used on many patients since the start of the pandemic. Please see below the link to the 7 day plan to eliminate symptoms of COVID-19.


The Ayurvedic Clinic suggests that this treatment protocol can be used as soon as the first symptoms appear including fever, flu like symptoms, cough, congestion, sore throat, hea daches, loss of smell or taste, digestive problems such as diarrhoea and other related symptoms.


Finally, the doctors at The Ayurvedic Clinic have also recently developed  a formulated medicine that works mainly by correcting the body’s pH balance. Dr Deepika explains that “If the body is in its optimum balance and correct pH level (according to Ayurveda – ushna and shita) it is harder for the virus to develop into a disorder even after entering the body. This is because the environment within the body would not be suitable for it to thrive.”

The medicine is currently being used to help the body to balance which aids in the management of the symptoms of corona virus. All the ingredients are edible and natural. There are no adverse effects from consuming this medicine as the ingredients are food substances consumed in day to day life. This medicine is available to anyone who requests it from the clinic and is free of charge.
For more information you can contact the Ayurvedic Clinic.

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