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makko ho zen shiatsu streching exercises natural health

Zen shiatshu exercises for meridian streching.The Makko Ho, are attributes to the famous zen master Shizuto Masanuga. There are a lot of similarities between those exercises and yoga asanas.

The Makko Ho shiatsu streches are both used for diagnosis and treatment.

– Any tension or rigidity will signal blockages or stagnation of ki circulation in a certain meridian.
– Flexibility signals good ki circulation, a healthy meridian and related organs.

Ideally they are to be practiced daily in the specific suggested order. If you have a medical condition, please practice those under supervision of a qualitified health professional.

Each exercise streches a specific set of chinese meridian lines and stimulates related organs.  During the practice the qi or energy of eah meridian is activated and any blockages or tension released.

Meridians streched are :

Lungs & Large Intestines Meridians


Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas Meridians

Heart & Small Intestines Meridians

Kidneys & Bladder Meridians

Pericardium & Tripple Heater Meridians

Liver & Gall Bladder Meridians


These simple and soft shiatsu streching exercises are great for prevention purposes, to recover strength and flexibilty and alongside allopathic or natural health treatments.

You can find a detailed description on this website

And a useful video here


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