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fertilty mantra ayurveda sanskrit

Do you wish for your dreams and projects to come true? Do you wish to get pregnant or for a healthy pregnancy?

This beautiful sanskrit fertility mantra was shared by our dear friend Gaiea Sanskrit. Supporting all women who wish to get pregnant or are pregnant and wish for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. The mantra is also used for anyone, men or women, who carry a project or dream and wish to deliver it successfully.

You may listen to this fertility and creativity mantra whenever you feel like it, but especially in the morning upon waking and in the evening before sleep.

May this mantra bring fertility in your life, projects and dreams!

fertility mantra ayurveda

Here is the sanskrit version of the fertility mantra, along with the transliteration and English translation :


विष्णुर्योनिं कल्पयतु त्वष्टा रूपाणि पिंशतु । आ सिञ्चतु प्रजापतिर्धाता गर्भं दधातु ते ॥१॥

गर्भं धेहि सिनीवालि गर्भं धेहि सरस्वति । गर्भं ते अश्विनौ देवावा धत्तां पुष्करस्रजा ॥२॥

हिरण्ययी अरणी यं निर्मन्थतो अश्विना । तं ते गर्भं हवामहे दशमे मासि सूतवे ॥३॥


viṣṇur yoniṃ kalpayatu tvaṣṭā rūpāṇi piṃśatu

ā siñcatu prajāpatir dhātā garbhaṃ dadhātu te ॥

garbhaṃ dhehi sinīvāli garbhaṃ dhehi sarasvati

garbhaṃ te aśvinau devāv ā dhattām puṣkarasrajā ॥

hiraṇyayī araṇī yaṃ nirmanthato aśvinā

taṃ te garbhaṃ havāmahe daśame māsi sūtave ॥


May Vishnu construct the womb, may Twashtri fabricate the member, may Prajapati sprinkle the seed, may Dhatri cherish thy embryo;

Sustain the embryo Sinivali, sustain the embryo Saraswati, may the divine Aswins, garlanded with lotuses, sustain thy embryo;

We invoke thy embryo which the Aswins have churned with the golden pieces of Arani (firewood), that thou mayest bring it forth in the tenth month.


— Rig Veda 10.184.1 – 10.184.3, Translated by HH Wilson[6]


Gaiea says:

These Sanskrit mantras associated most commonly with fertility are originally from the Rig Veda, and later quoted in the Mahabharata. They are often used by women who would like to get pregnant, or by pregnant women for a smooth labour; they are also connected with the inception and birthing of our deepest wishes. The conception and development of a foetus has many parallels with the inception and development of a creative idea. Both are first conceived, then grow and are nourished and when they are ready they are released into the world. 

Gaiea Sankrit recommends just listening to the mantra especially for beginners. The best way, she says, would be to have a Vedic Pandits recite it for you. Moreover she does not recommend reciting the mantra yourself if you are a beginner.


You can listen to the fertility mantra series on Gaiea’s YouTube channel


This posted is dedicated to my friends Anna J, Ophélie Y. and Anne-Cécile T.


With love,


Elena Beurdeley

Ayurvedic Practitioner | Natural Health Educator


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