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Ayurveda atelier formation

Hello I’d like to invite you to a free introduction to Ayurveda Online Course. The course will teach you how to stay healthy naturally.

In our Sunday sessions you will learn about your unique body-mind constitution and how to remain healthy with the right diet and lifestyle.

For who is this course ?

Anyone who wishes to

  • take control of their health
  • better understand how their body functions
  • know what to do to prevent health imbalances

What will you learn ?

– Basic Principles of Health according to Ayurveda
– Recognising your body-mind constitution
– Recognising your imbalance
– Learning the main causes of imbalance of both body and mind, so that they can be prevented
– Learn what foods & lifestyle are recommended for each body-mind constitution to prevent disease


Format :

Sessions will be relaxed and participative, so get ready to get involved ! They will run like a workshop with some theory – we need some of course – and much practical applications through various exercises in the sessions and also at home, so you get to fully test/experience ayurveda in real life ?

Content will be in – simple – English language and will include some sankri words. I may translate some difficult words in French if required.

If you do not understand English at all, better wait until the French workshops later this year. If possible & required I will put people in language groups for the group exercises.

Sessions will be hosted on zoom and recorded, but it is preferable for you to join every sessions, as it will be very hands on.


Dates :
Time :
09.00 – 10.30 – GMT + 1 Paris time zone


Costs :
I propose to run this course for free with an optional donation, so all who wish to participate can do so regardless of their financial capacity.


For registrations please email

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