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ayurveda yoga retreat greece

In this 4 week online course, you will learn how to prevent imbalances of the body and mind and maintain health according to your unique body-mind constitution. You will learn key ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle principles and enjoy opportunities to practice them with the group and in real life. We will have much time to share our experiences and how we have been able to apply some of the principles and what changes we have observed.


I intentionally make this online course practical and experiential, as the real value of all this ancient wisdom is how efficient it is in our real life, 21st century, modern civilisation!! So we will test and learn together what works best – for you – to maintain a healthy body and mind.


For who is this course?

Anyone interested to learn how to stay healthy naturally with simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments.


What topics will be discussed ?

Here is an outline of the course – please note the flow may change slightly as I like to adapt the course according to the immediate needs of the group/participants.

  • Module 1 – learn essential principles of health & longevity as well as your unique constitution type
  • Module 2 – Learn what causes imbalance in your body and mind and how to recognise the nature of your imbalance
  • Module 3 – Learn about what foods are right for your body type
  • Module 4 – Learn what lifestyle is best suited & how to harmonise with life’s various cycles


Course format

We will meet 2hrs each Sunday.

We will spend about 1h exploring some ayurvedic wisdom and 1h exchanging in groups and practicing.

There will be a little homework and the opportunity to share back and ask your questions, based on your practical application of the health wisdom learnt.


When is the course ?

Sunday: 24 /01, 31/01, 07/02, 21/02

Time: 09-11AM  French /German Time, 10-12AM Greek Time


So in summary here’s what you will learn :

  • How to prevent imbalances of the body and mind
  • How to maintain health according to your unique body-mind constitution.
  • Key ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle principles
  • How to apply those principles in real life, in your own environment


And our partner’s flyer  NYSY Academy who is organising & hosting the course, and made it possible in the first place!

Ayurveda Online Courses


To register please email

PS: the course contributes to 16 Hours credits of continuing education for NYSY Studio / Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Yoga Teachers Diploma



See you soon!




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