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affirmations to learn to rest 1

We have a tendency to keep busy at all times, as this was a definition for success. Could it be instead that we are seeking validation ? Affirmations to learn to rest are a good tools to reset our thinking pattern and live healthier and happier !

Being busy, often makes us feel useful, valued and also is an excuse to avoid dealing with the “hard” stuff such as feeling “negative” emotions or taking responsiblity for our life and personal health and happiness.

There is also a misconception that the opposite of busy is lazy. And we may have a habitual thinking pattern that is highly critical and judges us for slowing down or resting or prioritising new things in life. It may be driven by fear of unknown or change.

As we notice it, we can learn to not take it as the truth and replace it with healthier and more useful thinking partterns. The opposite of busy is rather to choose to live on purpose, make conscious decisions on what to prioritise, to value quality over quantity and not value ourselves based on how much we do, but rather how do we feel doing it and how it may impact others.


So enough talk, here are affirmations to practice and learn to rest. Affirmations help reset habitual critical or judging thinking patterns towards more useful thinking patterns.

A good practice is to read/repeat those 3 x each each morning and evening for a minimum of 21 days. We can also choose whichever are the most suitable to us individually or write our own.


  1. I explore what rest looks like for me
  2. It’s ok to rest & go slow
  3. I am worthy of rest
  4. I am listening to my body
  5. I am creating space for joy
  6. I allow being where I am to be enough
  7. I deserve larger margins in my day and space between things
  8. I am worthy of gentleness, kindness, and peace
  9. I deserve to live with ease.
  10. I am not defined by how much I do





Elena Beurdeley is a certified Ayurveda Nutrition, Plant Medicine & Lifestyle Practitioner by the Ayurveda Institute in London. She practices Ayurveda Massage Therapies, and is a Trauma Informed Yooga Instructor. Full bio here

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