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autumn regimen ayurveda diet


Learn to connect with the environment and adjust your diet & lifestyle to be in full harmony with the seasons.

Ayurvedic scriptures give us very specific guidance on changes that take place each season in our environment and suggests balancing behaviours so as to remain healthy and prevent diseases.


In this “Autumn special” workshop we will :

  • Explore the ancient oriental teachings
  • Connect with our body to feel the impact of climatic and energetical seasonal changes
  • Create a personal diet & lifestyle plan to keep our balance this autumn


Who is it for? Everyone! All levels. No experience required

Where? Online on zoom. The link will be sent to you when you register.

When? 18 September 2021
London time : 5PM
Paris time : 18.00
Athens time : 19.00

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Duration ? 1h (more or less…tends to be rather more !)

Language ? English

Cost ? Free participation (paypal link)

Material ? A comfortable & quiet sitting spot and comfortable clothing.

Workshop lead :

Elena Beurdeley
Ayurveda Practitioner
(Nutrition| Herbal remedies | Massage Therapies)
Member AAPUK


Before 9 sept.

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