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Mindful walks athens, glyfada, vouliagmeni

Mindful walks in nature are therapeutical and energising experiences. They are a great opportunity to pause from this incredibly fast world and reconnect with oneself, others and the world around us. Mindful walks also enable us to recharge our batteries within a very short amount of time.

We love to share mindful experiences with anyone interested in making more space for joy and peace in their life! Every week, we will guide you through a variety of mindful exercises to help recharge our mind and body.

The walk is open to all and free fo charge. After the walk, for those who wish, we take the opportunity to share our experience as well as discussing any health and wellness concerns. The point of this time together, is to share experiences  and to support each other along the way!

Are you ready to take a break from your daily routines and reconnect with yourself?

We look forward to seeing you at our next mindful walk !

Find out here information about upcoming dates, location and timings.

Mindful walks athens, glyfada, vouliagmeni, www.theayurvedacentre.com





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