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Baked fruits are a quick and healthy breakfast or snack option for all Ayurvedic constitutions.Vata may appreciate baked fruits with melted ghee, high Pitta constitutions may slightly reduce the amount of cinnamon and choose sweeter fruit types, whilst Kapha constitutions may choose sour fruits such as pineapple.
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Fruits may not be as much fun in Autumn, but well prepared they are a wonderful and heatlhy way to satisfy our cravings for sweet and warmth. Easy to digest, suitable for all three constitutions (or doshas), our comforting Ayurvedic apple compote recipe makes a perfect afternoon snack or accompaniment for breakfast.

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An alternative vegetable curry recipe suitable for all constitutions. Light to digest, rich in flavours and balancing qualities, this Ayurvedic vegetable curry recipe is perfect served with plain basmati rice or roti and protein such as lentils, tofu, fish or chicken!

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An authentic Ayurvedic curry recipe shared by Dr Deepika Rodrigo (B.A.M.S), Principle physician and Director of the Ayurvedic Clinic. Rich in flavours, balancing for all three doshas, and easy to make, this Ayurvedic curry recipe is the perfect healthy addition to your cooking book!

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