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In Ayurvedic terms Tahini is sweet, hot, heavy and oily. It pacifies vata, but aggravates pitta and kapha.
It moves energy downwards so is helpful with constipation although its heaty nature may also be drying and heavy nature may weaken the digestive fire (agni). Tahini is grounding, builds stamina, anti microbial, muscle tonic, bone tonic and builds semen.
“Tahini’s sweet and heavy qualities mean it is anabolic and building in nature. It can be a useful addition to the diet after a period of exhaustion or depletion to rebuild tissues, provided digestion is strong. High in healthy fats from the oily sesame seed, it nourishes and strengthens nervous, muscle and fat tissue in particular. Tahini also packs an impressive calcium content, supporting the maintenance of bone strength. Its earthy quality and magnesium content help soothe and relax tension in the muscles, allowing you to unwind after a period of stress. Moderate amounts of quality oils, like those of tahini, restore strength and can keep the body looking and feeling young. The unctuous nature combats the dryness of Vata that can accelerate aging, and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Many dry Vata individuals seem to literally soak up the oiliness of tahini.” extract from Joyful Belly

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