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Cooling and Purifying Coriander seeds infusion recipe, pitta reducing, inflammatory disorders, digestive disorders, burning sensations, fever, heat, pain

Coriander seeds infusion, is an essential Ayurvedic home remedy that helps improve the digestive function, reduce inflammation and balance all three doshas. Their main properties are cooling and purifying. This home made ayurvedic remedy helps relive thirst, reduce inflammation, allergies and other pitta disorders. It also helps with indigestion and elimination of accumulated toxins in the body.

Known as Coriandrum Sativum in latin and Vitnnakain in sanskrit coriander is native to the Mediterranean and grows extensively in India. Coriander seeds and leafs have been used for their medicinal and culinary properties by the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks. This is why we should add this wonderful spice to our kitchen !


Taste (rasa) : sweet (madhura), astringent (kashaya), bitter (tikta), katu (pungent)
Qualities (guna) : light (laghu), unctuous (snigdha)
Potency (virya): hot (ushna)
Post digestive effect (vipaka): sweet (madhura)
Effect on Dosha: Balances all the three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
Action (karma): Coriander relives thirst. It is used in fevers, loss of appetite and indigestion.


There are many health benefits associated with coriander seeds. Depending on the dosage and method of preparation the effect will vary. This is why it is best to first consult an Ayurvedic practitioner and go through a holistic health diagnosis. Coriander seeds are known to/as:

  1. quenche thirst
  2. pacify internal and external burning sensations
  3. nervine/ brain tonic
  4. balances the digestive fire and elimination of accumulated toxins
  5. channel clearing
  6. liver stimulating
  7. removing bad odours from body
  8. subside worm infestations
  9. good for heart
  10. diuretic, restore natural color of urine, disinfects bladder 
  11. fever reducing
  12. relieving coldness of body
  13. removes swellings
  14. pain killer
  15. good for eyes



Coriander seeds infusion helps pacify pitta (cooling effect) and improve the digestive function. You may enjoy the cooling coriander seed infusion in the hot summer days, to help reduce the heat (pitta) in your body and mind. If you have doubts about your imbalance, you can refer to the following articles.


  1. In the evening crush 3 tea spoons of coriander seeds. Add 300ml of room temperature water.
  2. Soak overnight at room temperature. If you can expose to moon rays the cooling effect will be increased even more.
  3. In the morning filter and drink 100-150ml before breakfast with a little added warm water or at room temperature. Don’t drink all at once at this may dilute your digestive fire. Drink small sips at any one time.
  4. Wait a few minutes before drinking or eating anything.
  5. Drink the rest of the infusion when you are thirsty throughout the day.

We recommend that you consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner for optimal dosage and treatment.

Elena Beurdeley-Kuerten
Ayurvedic Consultant – DipALN, DipAMT (Ayurveda)
The Ayurveda Centre – Athens 

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