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nourishing oat porridge ayurveda vata pitta

Ideal in autumn & winter or spring’s cooler days this nourishing oat porridge will balance vata-pitta predominant consitution and provide strength and nourishment to all (dhatus) tissues.

This grounding recipe contains ingredients with high water element therefore providing the body with moisture, nourishment and protection. It helps to sooth pain and inflammation and is a mild laxative. This nourishing oat porridge is particularly nourishing for the reproductive tissues (shukra dhatu), our lymph and immunity (rasa dhatu).  The earthy oats will help nourish the bone tissues (asthi dhatu).


Oats also contain many minerals and vitamines, they are a healthy source of vegan protein.


Tahini is a super nutrient that being sweet, heavy, warming and oily balances Vata dosha. However it may imbalance Pitta or Kapha dosha. In this recipe we’re using cooling coconut milk and highly nutritive maple syrup to balance the heating effect of cinnamon and tahini.

We hope you enjoy it !



  • Organic Rolled Oats
  • Traditional Greek Tahini
  • Coconut Milk (not cream)
  • Himalayan salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Maple syrup



  • Pre-soak the oats overnight in water (or for min 20min in the milk)
  • In a pot, pour the oats, cover with enough milk and bring to a boil
  • Lower the flame and cook until smooth consistency has been reached
  • Add the cinnamon and a pinch of salt in the last 3min of cooking
  • Remove from heat, drizzle maple syrup and tahini over the warm porridge
  • Enjoy and have a cosy and relaxed morning after that 🙂



Vata can use rice, almond or regular cow’s milk if they have no issues digesting it. They can also add a pinch of fresh ginger and cardamom to further stimulate digestion.

Pitta can favour coconut or oat milk. Use almond butter or ghee instead of tahini, and use vanilla as well as/instead of cinnamon. They can also add dates and soaked almonds to make it a more consistent meal, as they tend to have a healthier appetite (stronger agni).

This meal is not a great option for Kapha, as it is rather sweet and heavy. Instead kapha predominant constitutions (or those with a kappa imbalance) may have oats cooking in water, use a little more cinnamon and other pungent spices such as ginger, pepper, cloves, leave out the tahini and replace maple syrup with honey.

In general, you are unique and every day your needs are different. My recommendation is for you to trust your intuition and decide how you would like to cook and spice your porridge.

And always! always! eat with appetite and not filling your stomach up to more than 2/3.


Bon appétit !


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Elena Beurdeley is a certified Ayurveda Nutrition, Plant Medicine & Lifestyle Practitioner by the Ayurveda Institute in London. She practices Ayurveda Massage Therapies, and is a Trauma Informed Yooga Instructor. Full bio here

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