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sleep insomnia music relaxation the Ayurveda Centre Athens

Many of us suffer from insomnia or have difficulties falling asleep. This is particularly true during dryer seasons of the year and for people with predominantly dry and light (vata or pitta) body-mind constitution.

Aside from adjusting our diet and taking natural herbal remedies, Ayurvedic textbooks recommend making changes to our lifestyle including hugging ! How nice is that?

Those suffering from very little sleep or no sleep at all, should indulge in […] oil massage and mild squeezing of the body, bath, […] comforting embrace by the arms of the wife, harbouring the feeling of satisfaction (of having done good deeds) and resorting to things which are comforting to the mind as mush as desired; these bring about the pleasure of good sleep.

Ashtanga Hrdrayam, 1, CH.VII, 66-68.


For the days when hugging is not an option, we found that listening to meditative music is a wonderful way to overcome insomnia, and relax.

Listening to music enables our mind to focus on something else than its own thoughts. The mind then can relax and be fully present.

We’re sharing today one of our favourite music to relax from our dear friend and teacher: Gaiea Sanskrit. In this sanskrit song, her soft voice, gently guides us to see the world from within.

Her music is deeply calming and prepares us for good night sleep.

It is perfect to listen to in bed, or any time we feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Gaiea’s music also helps to clear our mind from unnecessary thoughts and worries.


More relaxing sanskrit mantras here and stress relief ayurveda recipe

Wishing you a happy relaxation!


Elena Beurdeley
Ayurvedic Consultant – DipALN, DipAMT (Ayurveda)
Massage Therapy

The Ayurveda Centre – Athens 

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